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Curiosity Question

If someone asked you why you like Rod McKuen's poetry, how would you respond? Is it his 'style', his use of words to convey emotion, is it that he talks so frankly about emotion and even bitter emotion seems somehow 'romantic'?

I'll give this some thought myself, but I am curious why you all like him.....
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I'm not sure. I think it's the way that he paints a picture. It's almost like verbal watercolors. Soft, somewhat vague sometimes, but your mind tends to fill in the gaps to understand the situation.
Because the eloquence of his description of every day emotions always without fail take my breath away.
well, my first exposure to his poetry was thru his albums.

i'd listened to alot of spoken word material from that time
period but instantly i knew he was something else, something
more. it was the personal and emotional honesty that moved
me the most. commitment to artistic expression that transcends embarrassment, doubt or self-censorship.

after parties or screenings, back in the early days of the
werepad (the art space/film lounge where i now live) my friend
scott would sometimes put on rod mckuen, knowing i was the only
person as into them as he was) and by the time you'd flip the
record the place would be totally cleared out! i saw it happen
multiple times without fail!

people just couldn't take it or didn't know how to and that's
what clinched it for me. i started reading his works seriously
and discovered one of my favorite poets. though i must admit,
i'll always prefer hearing his poetic renditions to reading them.

I think its because of the way he can eloquently explain the big and little truths of life. Some of his poetry seems to have a complex more hidden meaning then some of the meanings are so clear they jump out at you. Most of all I love the way he can express his emotions , painting a picture with words. I admire that so much since as you can see I fumble often with words.