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Land's End, from Fields of Wonder

Passers-by do still pass by
and short of keeping you
face down forever
I have to run the risk
when we go walking
of seeing wars flare up
on battlefields yet unmarket.
If I must parade you
as the entry in my midnight life
or show you to the sunlight
unmarked by my tattoo of ownership,
I'll do so proudly
and without a chain.

I have in common with all men
a lump in swimming trunks
and most of us have freckles
on our shoulders.

Men are men.
The worst of us are lovely
         in the dark.
All of us are vulgar
when you've pulled aside
the final veil.

Some of us are gentle
after four o' clock.
Some of us are poor
in pride or pocket.
Some of us can make you rich
in plain or fancy rooms--
currency not being comfort
only given circumstance.

All of us,
and that's to each man,
need you more than you need us,
we know that
and you know it too.
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