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rod_mckuen's Journal

Rod McKuen Community
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Welcome to the Rod McKuen community.

Rod McKuen is a best-selling poet, lyricist, composer, and entertainer. Many of the titles of his books and albums are included in the interests below; so are the names of some famous people who have performed his material. Rod McKuen has also worked as a laborer, stunt man, D.J., newspaper columnist, actor, and psychological-warfare script writer in the Korean War. His first book of poetry, Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows, was published in 1966.

This purpose of this community is to discuss and celebrate anything connected to Rod McKuen. Feel free to post poems, lyrics, or interesting information about the author. This can also be a forum to discuss personal feelings and experiences related to Rod McKuen's works. Tell us what a poem or song meant to you, share questions it raised, or engage other members in debate.

This community is maintained by wik and drcristin, who will post a poem or lyrics by Rod McKuen every so often. Feel free to add your own whenever the mood strikes you. Add rod_mckuen to your friends list so that you can listen to a bit of warm every day.

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